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Put Your Best Feet Forward

It was embarrassing. The heels of my feet looked like the surface of the moon – dry, cracked and full of craters. Put it down to years of going around barefoot or wearing flip flops even to the most formal occasions. And I never moisturized – at least not enough. Due to neglect to my feet, the sensitive skin on the bottom of my heels and feet became too dry, leaving painful cracks and fissures that made it painful to walk and also left me susceptible to infection.


Then one night my roommate dropped a package in my lap. Inside was a round plastic holder with 4 tubes of various lotions numbered...uh... one to four. Salvation had arrived! Being more than aware of the condition of my feet (“Eww! Don’t you put lotion on your feet?” was a common refrain) she did a little research and came up with the most effective solution: Satin Touch Heel Restore by Mary Kay.


After explaining what it was in my lap, my roommate led me into the bathroom and instructed me to sit on the edge of the tub. She explained that what she was about to teach me needed to be done every night and to always put on socks after the last step – which I should always do after showering and right before going to bed. (I’ll explain why later.) She broke it down into the four steps – one for each tube of lotion. Step one was...


Apply Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream.

Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream is a translucent moisturizing cream that helps maintain the natural moisture of the skin and replenishes hydration in dry areas. Feet that are cracked and dry need some kind of replenishing and softening before attempting to buff off the damaged skin. Applying the cream softens and hydrates the heels and feet making the surface more susceptible for the next step, which is...


Apply Mary Kay Buffing Cream.

Mary Kay Buffing Cream gently “buffs” away rough patches and smooths away the dry skin to prepare it for cleansing and hydration. It rinses completely and doesn’t leave an oily or greasy “afterfeel” - and it’s gentle enough to use every day. After you thoroughly rinse it off it’s time to...


Apply Mary Kay Cleansing Gel.

Mary Kay Cleansing Gel cleanses thoroughly yet gently leaving your feet feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. By the time you’ve finished this step your feet should start to feel softer and more comfortable for the final step which is...


Apply Mary Kay Goodnight Lotion.

Mary Kay Goodnight Lotion is a deep moisturizing, aloe based cream that works while you sleep. It sits in the cracks reinvigorating cracked feet smoothing out the rough patches. To keep it from losing potency, wear socks and heal your heels in your dreams!


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